Review Article

Progresses of the Badminton equipment relate to exercise: Some training aspects

Zhi Qiang Liang and Jian She Li*

Published: 05 January, 2018 | Volume 3 - Issue 1 | Pages: 001-009

Background: With the development of sports science and badminton equipment, the roles of badminton shoes, such as to alter lower - extremity biomechanical parameters, prevent sports injuries and enhance performance, were confirmed by a mass of studies.

Methods: In this study, a serial of methods including literature review, visualization analysis, mathematical statistics, are used to describe the progresses of the badminton shoes relate to exercise in some training aspects, which can be searched by CNKI and SCOPUS databases.

Results: Among the exiting research, most mainly focused on evaluation and design of badminton shoes, sports injuries and performance, some have tested and verified the roles mechanism of badminton shoes. However, there are still some disadvantages to can’t ignore, such as the quantities of studies the designed level and the mechanism exploration.

Conclusions: To sum up, the roles of the badminton shoes in sports training still need to be explored and confirmed.

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Research advancements; The role; Badminton equipment; Sports training 


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