About Journal

Sports Medicine and Therapy is a distinct division of Health Care Sector, which takes care of physical fitness and injuries associated with musculoskeletal issues. Sports Medicine comprises several forms of non-surgical orthopedic treatments. Sports medicine physicians and therapists not only treat injuries related to muscle, ligament, tendon and bone problems, but also treat chronic illnesses that can affect physical performance, such as asthma and diabetes.

The Journal of Sports Medicine and Therapy is an initiative publishing manuscripts that will play an active role in enhancing knowledge of professionals involved in sports medicine and therapy. The journal not only deals with all aspects of sport science and medicine but also reflects interdisciplinary applications of sport medicine, therapy and other health issues.

Reasons for Publishing

The increasing personal and economic health burden of non-communicable diseases has intensified to such an extent that it cannot be sustained indefinitely unless there is a significant global emphasis on sport and exercise as key elements to address this epidemic situation. The sports medicine and therapy has a prominent role in the promotion, amalgamation and expedition of exercise as medicine within primary and secondary healthcare.

In this scenario, The Journal of Sports Medicine and Therapy took the initiative to publish path-breaking manuscripts that can create awareness towards prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries that occur during physical activity. The Journal of Sports Medicine and Therapy works with the motive of spontaneous knowledge enhancement of professionals involved in sports science, sports medicine and therapy.

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